The beautiful store locator designed for modern businesses.

Captivate online visitors with a powerful mapping experience — customized to your own branding.
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Make the most of your potential customers by showing them a seamless web experience right to the front door.
Just copy and paste.
In a few steps, you can easily add a beautiful locator to your own website in-page or as a custom overlay.
Make it your own.
Select from the design options to best express your brand and stand out from the crowd.
Track map usage.
View the searches visitors make and locations they view on Closeby and Google Analytics.
Search and sort by distance
Let customers search by city name and we'll automatically sort locations by distance.
In-depth details per location
Add location-specific details to give your users the best and most informative experience.
Custom theming, fonts and more
Match you brand's colors, fonts and style with custom theming. Integrate delivery apps and other services.
Automatic links for directions
We make finding directions a tap away, so customers can immediately go to your location.
Closeby can easily integrate with any website. Manage locations within our simple interface or sync with Google Sheets.
Plans start at $9/month
Up to 100 locations and 1000 public map views per month
+$2 per additional 100 locations or 1000 public map views per month
Get started for free.
No credit card required.
No hidden fees or setup costs.
Flexible pricing for businesses of all sizes.